"Two main heroes were real toppers. Aleksandra Chacińska- Cio-Cio-San beautifully expressed the character's moods, being subtle, full of belief, naive and teasing, as well as fierce and stormy when the world of her feelings falls apart. Her singing and phrasing are achingly and wonderfully presented. It undoubtedly authenticates her creation
"Madame Butterfly" Opera Krakowska - Adam Czopek, Nasz Dziennik
The young Polish soprano Aleksandra Chacinska turned out to be a very accomplished singer with a large voice of lirico-spinto type, not quite in the Renata Tebaldi mould, but not far from it, and besides strong and confident singing she was also a brilliant actress, and a gifted comedian as well in the second act, where she brought home a great deal of laughter from the audience. But Butterfly is basically a tragic character and the final act was truly heart-rending. She didn’t stab herself in full view of the audience – she hid behind a piece of furniture, but it was all very emotional nonetheless. Her rapport with Olga Jakoleva’s Suzuki was excellent, and the latter’s fruity mezzo-soprano matched Ms Chacinska’s soprano beautifully in the cherry blossom duet.
Göran Forsling